Tuesday 23 October 2018

Diamond Education: Color

This post is about diamond color. To know about diamond cut, check here.

What Is Diamond Color?
After cut, the color is the most noticeable of the 4Cs. The absence of any color is what to look for when buying loose diamonds. Diamonds that are colorless, without any tint of yellow or brown are the most desirable.

What Are Diamond Color Grades?
Based on the absence of color, gemological labs grade diamonds. The colorless diamonds gets the highest grades. The GIA grades color on a scale of D to Z. The grade D signifies bright colorless diamonds, without the presence of any other tinge. Diamonds show more and more color as the grades drop toward Z.

How Are Diamonds Graded?
Gemologists in the GIA have a set of master diamonds. While grading color, they place the diamond to be graded next to these diamond to compare it. And, that is how diamonds are graded on color, by a side-by-side comparison view.

Diamond Color and Subjectivity
Diamond color is actually very subjective. Some people prefer colorless diamonds while others don't mind seeing a bit of warmth in diamonds of lower grades.  Very few people can actually tell one color grade apart from another, when looking at just that diamond, and not comparing it with other diamonds. Diamonds between the grades D to H are known as "face-up white diamonds". This means that when these diamonds when set face-up in engagement rings and other jewelry, appear white to the untrained, naked eye.

Diamond Color and the Setting
The setting you choose for your engagement ring and other jewelry also influences the diamond color. Diamonds reflect the color around them. So, when set in a yellow gold or rose gold setting, the diamond is going to show tints of yellow. So, even a K or M color diamond can look good in a yellow gold setting. In fact, it may just be a fantastic deal as you can get a larger carat weight for the same budget.

Diamond Color and the Shape of the Diamond
Different shapes also show color differently. Brilliant cuts like round and princess are more forgiving than diamonds with step cuts like emerald and asscher.

Diamond Color and Diamond Cut
Cut also has some influence over the color. Better the cut, more the diamond reflects and refracts light, making it more difficult to judge the color of the diamond. So, never compromise on cut!

Diamond Color and Price
The less color a diamond shows, the more it costs. So, diamonds in the colorless range of D,E and F are the most expensive with prices going down as the grade drops towards Z. And, as we talked about it before, the preference for diamond color is a personal choice. Some people consider a bigger carat weight a great tradeoff for diamonds of lower color, while others will compromise on carat but not color. So, you have to decide which of the 4Cs is the most important to you to choose a diamond that is perfect for you.

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