Monday 30 March 2020

Quick tips: Hand washing & Jewelry care

Here are four quick tips to keep your jewelry safe and healthy as you frequently wash and sanitize your hands.

1. Remove your jewelry

There are two reasons to remove your finger-blingers before scrubbing: On the one hand (so to speak) you don't want soapy suds to dull their sparkle. On the other hand (you saw that coming) you should be cleaning every part of your hands, including the skin normally covered by rings or bracelets. Develop a habit of placing your jewelry in sight, so you don't forget it, but not where it's in danger of dropping into a sink or waste-bin.

Photo credit, Clay Banks

2. Use alcohol-based hand-sanitizers

When selecting hand-sanitizer, choose one that's alcohol-based. The brands which use chlorine-based germicides can cause jewelry to tarnish, corrode and even crack, particularly sterling silver and nickel white golds. Experts say that an alcohol concentration between 60–95% is most effective at killing germs, and is completely safe for most (but not all) jewelry. Read on...

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3. Protect pearls and corals

Most jewelry can be exposed to alcohol-based hand-sanitizer, but remove all pearls and corals. Alcohol can cause color-change and loss of luster. Pearl and coral lovers already follow this rule with perfumes and hairspray - it should be extended to hand sanitizers as well. In fact, you should wait for your hands to dray completely before putting those items back on.

Photo credit, Alex Maloney

4. Rock a regular routine

Clean all of your daily-wear rings and bracelets with regularity (we suggest once per week). This can be done by soaking them in warm-water and dish-washing soap, scrubbing with a soft-brush to remove any detritus that has collected underneath or in hard-to-get-to areas, rinsing with cold water and letting them towel-dry.

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Follow instructions and store safely

Never expose colored gemstones to chemicals, solvents or ultrasonics without knowing their specific cleaning requirements.

And when you remove jewelry to store, whether short or long-term, be sure to place each piece in a soft bag so it doesn't rub or knock against other pieces.

Follow these tips to protect your jewelry while also protecting your health.


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