Thursday 6 December 2018

5 Best Jewelry Gifts to Buy for the Holidays

A beautiful piece of jewelry is one of the most thoughtful and exciting gifts that you could give someone over the holidays. So if you are considering gifting jewelry to a loved one or your special someone, you are on the right track! Here are 5 of the most popular, trendy and endearing pieces of jewelry that will make for an absolutely delightful gift!

Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond studs are subtle and versatile. They go perfectly with both, dainty dresses and just casual jeans. Studs make for an exceptional addition to an outfit, especially because the diamonds are secured with simple prongs giving it a very minimalistic, chic look. Diamond stud earrings are definitely a big YES!

Rose Gold Jewelry
Rose gold is a very popular choice in jewelry right now. This metal is inexpensive but also wonderfully sublime and serene. You can pair rose gold with any type of wardrobe and it will be a hit! Fashionistas are crazy about elegant rose gold rings that emit romantic energy. For the holidays, vintage, dreamy looking necklaces and earrings with a subtle, pink hue are a wonderful choice. You can really experiment with this metal!

Y Necklaces
These Y necklaces are the embodiment of grace and elegance. Subtle yet extremely stylish, Y necklaces look just magnificent laced around the collarbone and then down the neckline. These necklaces pair fabulously with formal attire and evening dresses. But if they are worn with other chains and pendants, it creates this bohemian look perfect for an artsy event or a night out in town!

Diamond Pendants

You will be surprised how a simple diamond pendant can completely change and brighten up your look. You do not have to make it flashy or add other elements at all; just a brilliant diamond set in simple prongs, added on a thin gold or rose gold chain can make a world of difference! Also pendants are very versatile. You can wear them on a subtle chain everyday and change to a different, embellished chain for special occasions.

If you are still quite unsure about what your loved ones would really like, remember that a personalized piece of jewelry always makes for a thoughtful, adorable gift. From initialed pendants and bracelets to monogrammed or message-inscribed rings, personalized jewelry is timeless and unique. This can be a really fun experience as there are many ways to personalize jewelry! If you know their birthstone, you could incorporate that in a stylish ring or the center stone of a necklace. The possibilities are endless!

We hope we could help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 


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