Monday 3 December 2018

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for those who are born in December. The word Topaz may have its origins from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which means fire. Ironically, this stone is known to have serene, cooling properties. Topaz is composed of silicate which is very durable. Here is everything that you need to know if you are planning to buy a blue topaz anytime soon!

Types of Topaz
The purest Topaz is actually transparent and absolutely colorless. Blue is the most popular shade of topaz and is said to have healing properties. Naturally blue topaz is very, very rare and these stone are usually treated with heat and/or irradiation to enhance its blueness. Here are some other shades of topaz that you can find.

Imperial Topaz: This is the most valuable form of topaz and is a fiery golden, orange-yellow color with beautiful reddish or magenta tints.

Colorless Topaz: This is also called White Topaz and it is completely transparent. A colorless topaz is the purest form of Topaz while the color variations are usually caused by impurities.

Swizz Blue Topaz: Swizz blue topaz is very popular among other blue topaz. These stones have a very vivid, intense blue color.

London Blue Topaz: London blue topaz is a medium to dark grayish blue. Many London blue gems have a somewhat greenish hue when viewed from certain angles.

Pink Topaz: Pink topaz is a very light or medium pink colored stone and often is mistaken as pink tourmaline or morganite.

Mystic Topaz: Mystic topaz is a naturally colorless topaz which is then coated; giving is a mystical rainbow hue. It’s an enhanced colorless stone that appears green, purples and blues!

Yellow Topaz: Yellow topaz is comparatively the most inexpensive topaz there is. These range from bright yellow to brownish-yellow.

Azotic Topaz: Azotic topaz is a bright, orange-pink topaz with a rainbow hue, which is synthetically colored by depositing an extremely thin metallic layer onto the stone.

Because blue topaz is so soothing and magical, it translates into really magnificent jewelry! Here are some pieces of jewelry that you can consider while buying your majestic blue topaz.

Topaz Stud Earrings

The lovely blue of the Topaz beautifully complements the white gold that it is set in. You can pair these with a sophisticated dress for a formal event, or a light-colored evening gown that would really extenuate the blueness of your topaz earrings!

Pear Blue Topaz Cabochon Diamond Pendant In 14K White Gold
The reason why blue topaz looks exceptional with white gold or platinum is because these metals do not have a lot of color and so they fit perfectly with a blue topaz, that’s fiery, bright and catches attention. A blue topaz surrounded by a halo of white topaz or even diamonds is a great idea! Shiny, sparkling diamonds would give  your blue topaz jewelry a glow unlike any other!

f you are planning to propose anytime soon and are in the process of deciding on a unique engagement ring, blue topaz is a very good option to consider! A blue topaz engagement ring is breathtaking, unique and eye-catching! It also makes for a very thoughtful gift because of its healing properties and symbolization of love and fidelity.

Blue Topaz is versatile, meaningful and really one-of-a-kind. We hope you fall in love with this wintery, majestic, December stone!

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