Monday 14 January 2019

Everything to Know About Bezel Engagement Rings

After the prong-set ring, it’s the bezel engagement ring that takes the cake! The feature that makes the bezel setting what it is, is the metal frame the surrounds the edge of the center stone giving it security and a vintage-vibe. The bezel setting is actually one of the oldest setting styles there is. However, the bezel setting is anything but old fashioned. In fact it’s quite practical and can be modified in all kinds of modern and innovative ways. Here is everything you need to know about bezel engagement rings before you buy one!

Protection & Security
The biggest advantage of having an engagement ring with a bezel setting is the practicality and the protection that it gives you. Even though a diamond is one of the strongest naturally occurring material it can still be damaged by accidental drops and carelessness. But the way the bezel setting protects the entirety of your diamond makes it an incredible investment.

The most vulnerable part of a diamond is the girdle, which is the thin edge that separates the broad top half of the diamond to the bottom narrow half. With the bezel setting the girdle is completely secure in a channel and is prevented from any scratches or chipping.

Unlike some other ring settings that draw a lot of attention, a bezel set engagement ring is very subtle and not always immediately eye-catching which means your engagement ring is less likely to get robbed while you wear it regularly. Especially if your work requires you to do a lot of activities like climbing, lifting heavy equipments etc then you don’t have to worry at all about your precious diamond ring getting damaged. A bezel setting is quite a practical option when it comes to engagement rings – a piece of jewelry that you constantly wear.

A bezel setting does not need a lot of skilled workmanship and time to make because of its simplistic style. This setting needs relatively less amount of raw material to create unlike other settings that may need additional diamonds to support the main stone or more precious metal. It’s also quite different than pave or halo setting where each tiny diamond has to be set by hand and so because of how easy it is to make a bezel engagement ring, it is quite affordable and comparatively inexpensive.

An inexpensive setting cost means that you now have a better budget to invest in a bigger diamond, a more fancy metal or save the money for the wedding, flights, bachelor party/ bridal shower or for upgrading the ring later down the road.

Bezel Engagement Ring Settings
What bezel setting you go for depends on your or your partner’s personality. If you’re into more classic designs then you could go for a round-brilliant bezel setting or you can experiment with unique diamond shapes like heart-shape and oval. Instead of a traditional platinum or silver band you could choose rose or yellow gold metal for your band. For a more modern touch look into a “half bezel” setting.

No matter what ring-setting you go with, we hope you have a great time shopping for your amazing engagement ring!

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