Thursday 17 January 2019

Square Engagement Rings - Think Outside the 'Round' Diamond Box

The round brilliant diamond is obviously a hit with people all over the world and you cannot go wrong with it. But if you are looking for a snazzy alternative to the common round brilliant diamond for your engagement ring then a square shaped diamond is a great option to consider. A square diamond is a gorgeous twist on classic designs like the solitaire, accented or antique style diamonds. Here are the types of square shaped engagement rings that you should know about before you decide to buy one.

Princess Cut Square Diamond
Princess cut square diamonds are the next popular diamond after the round brilliant for engagement rings. The technical name of the princess cut is Modified Square Brilliant Diamond and that’s the name you will see in every GIA report that accompanies your princess cut diamond.

The price of a princess cut engagement ring depends on a lot of factors like the setting you chose and the quality of the stone but either way the price is significantly lower than a round brilliant diamond. The price is comparatively lower because round brilliant diamonds are the most in demand. Also that diamond cutters lose only 20% of a rough stone while making a princess cut when on the other hand to create a round brilliant almost 40-50% of a diamond’s original surface is lost, which means more savings for you!

Cushion Cut Square Diamond
The cushion cut diamond is a mix of a round brilliant diamond and an antique old mine cut diamond – It is a square cut diamond with round edges giving it a very vintage look. Cushion cut diamonds are not sought after for its sparkle because its brilliance is considerably less than a princess cut diamond. The most desirable thing about a cushion cut is its old-fashioned yet charming shape.
Unlike the princess cut, the most popular cushion cut diamonds for engagement rings are rectangular. A cushion cut diamond having the same cut, color, clarity and carat-weight as a princess cut will be less expensive due to its relatively less popularity.

Asscher Cut Square Diamond
An Asscher cut diamond is a step cut with its edges significantly cropped and reduced. Because of the step cut the asscher cut diamond reflects light very differently than a round brilliant or princess cut diamond. The steps in this diamonds creates like a magnificent “hall of mirrors” effect that gives it a classic gleam than a blinding sparkle from dispersed light in other diamond cuts.
Because of its glass like structure, inclusions in an asscher cut engagement ring could be more visible than any other diamond cut. Because the asscher cut diamond is not quite as popular as the round brilliant or the princess cut, it is way more affordable. Choosing an asscher cut diamond instead of a round brilliant can help you save up to 40%.

At the end of the day it really comes down to what you and your partner want from an engagement ring. If you are looking for a sparkly square engagement ring then go for a princess cut diamond, if you are looking for a classic design then definitely look into asscher cut diamonds and if you are looking for an affordable and also the most durable stone then consider a cushion cut! We wish you a “happy ending” here as well!


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