Thursday 10 January 2019

Why You Should Start Planning for Valentine's Day Early

So you have decided to be more organized and together for the new year. We completely agree with this particular resolution and we know exactly where you should beginValentine's Day. Yes, Valentine's Day! Just like shopping for holiday gifts during the Black Friday Sales means you get your shopping done on time and you get great deals, Valentine's Day shopping should ideally start from mid-January. And, if you're planning on popping the question on Valentine's Day, the time to shop for the ring is RIGHT NOW!

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Frantically shopping for some sort of gift the day before at the mall and trying to find a restaurant that isn’t booked solid is not the way to go. Planning ahead will show your partner you are thoughtful and that you genuinely want to to celebrating this day of love with them. So, what can you do to make this Valentine's Day absolutely spectacular?

1. Order the gift now!
Don't wait for the last minute. We have a great selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry in every budget so get started. When you shop for the Valentine's Day gift early, you can take your time and pick something thoughtful that will really delight your partner. Birthstone jewelry is also a great idea for Valentine's Day gift. Trust us, they'll know and appreciate the thought you put into it. 

2. Pick an original card
Aren't those cliched Valentine's Day cards the worst? Choose an offbeat, original card. You'll find plenty of those on online stores like etsy. There are so many artists offering their original prints that you're sure to find one that resonates with you and your partner. You can even give the card the day before with a sweet message like 'Can't wait for tomorrow'. If cards are not really your thing, flowers or balloons are an option. The thing about starting early is that it gives you time to choose a personalized gift.     

3. Get the ball rolling the day before (or even the weekend before)
The thing about Valentine's Day is that it tends to get pricey and crowded on the day of. So, if both you and your partner agree, you can celebrate it a day or a weekend early. Go out to dinner the day or weekend before and Valentine's Day can be a relaxed night in. When you talk to your partner in advance, they won't mind and will probably appreciate your foresight.

4. It's all about the details
Valentine's Day isn't about expensive gifts and exclusive restaurants. It's the little personalized details that makes the day really memorable. Knowing their birthstone, ordering their favorite dessert or adding that inside joke on the card—those are the personalized details that will make their heart melt. Taking the time to remember all the details is what differentiates a good Valentine's Day day from an unforgettable Valentine's Day. 

5. Plan the whole experience
When you have time, you can plan an impressive day and not just a hastily put together dinner and gift. Have  a special breakfast with your partner, slip a card in their work bag, send flowers at work and finally build it up to the dinner. Go a step further and have an extra special breakfast the next day. All these things aren't expensive or difficult. All you need is time.

Create the ultimate Valentine's Day experience with these ideas.

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