Thursday 3 January 2019

Paint the Town Red! Garnet: January Birthstones

The birthstone for January and the gem for the second anniversary, gorgeous Garnets can be a great addition to your wardrobe. They most commonly occur in a rich palette of reds—deeply saturated red, orange-y red, pinkish red, purplish reds and every other shade of red imaginable. But, did you know garnets also occur in shades of orange, green and even blue?

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All garnets have the same crystal structure, but what makes all the lovely hues is the different chemical composition. Red garnets are the most common to occur while green garnets, also known as tsavorite, is rarer because they need specific rock chemistry to form.

Garnets have a fascinating history. Most notably, an Egyptian one. Red garnet necklaces were discovered entombed in the mummified remains of pharaohs as they were considered precious for the afterlife. During Roman times, red garnets were widely used in signet rings to seal important documents. In the middle ages, they were often worn by nobility and the clergy. More recently, fascinating intricate jewelry was created by Faberge made of demantoid garnets, a green variety of garnets.

With its beautiful rich shade, we think garnet rings make lovely accent rings. This particular garnet ring is 14K yellow gold which beautifully offsets the vivid red garnet. The mirror finish and the sleek bezel setting, give the ring a modern appeal. It can be used as a right hand ring or stacked with the other gemstone rings and bands.

Red garnets also look lovely in white gold like this delicate garnet necklace. Featuring a twist setting made of 14K white gold, the true star of this design is the glowing oval garnet.

The most alluring piece of jewelry in our garnet collection has to be this pair of garnet and pearl earrings. Set in a charming 14K yellow gold setting, these earrings feature South Sea cultured pearls and square-shaped Rhodolite garnets.

Go ahead and explore the fascinating world of garnets. 
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