Monday 7 January 2019

Engagement Ring Trends of 2019 You Need to Know About

If you or your partner are planning on taking the plunge this year, this post is definitely for you. We have looked at everything from celebrity engagement rings to our own customer rings of last year and are making predictions for this year so let's get started!

1.   Three Stone Engagement Rings
With the memory of the Royal wedding still fresh on our minds, Meghan Markle's three stone engagement ring continues to hold reign. The three stone engagement ring is not a new design but the royal wedding has sparked a renewed interest in this design. The design does have a romantic significance making it a lovely choice as an engagement ring. The two side stones are said to represent the past and the future of the happy couple while the center diamond is the shining beacon of the present.

This three stone engagement ring from our Cinora Collection is a stunning take on the traditional three stone design which consists of three diamonds of the same shape. This ring puts a different spin on the old design and has a sizeable cushion cut center diamond flanked by two absolutely delightful heart shaped diamonds. Adding to the sparkle are the diamond halo around the center stone and the diamond-encrusted band.

But if you're looking for a classic three stone engagement ring, we would recommend this trellis three stone ring setting. Your three precious diamonds are securely held, as each expertly crafted setting features four individual prongs.

2. Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring
What is old is new again! In the past year, a lot of customers have expressed an interest in vintage-inspired engagement ring with intricate details such as milgrain, scroll work and leaf motifs. So, we have launched a new collection of engagement rings with a definite vintage appeal but have the strength and durability of contemporary craftsmanship.

This vintage-inspired ring has a round center diamond set in claw prongs. But the leaf motif band of the ring is what takes center stage. The design gives the impression of diamond petals with the diamond being the gleaming center. 

While the ring above still has a clean, simple aura of contemporary jewelry, this next engagement ring takes a plunge straight to the intricate style of jewelry of a bygone era. Resembling an splendid medallion pattern, this engagement has milgrain edges all around. Adding to the overall appeal are the marquise shaped frames on the band of the ring.

3. The resurgence of yellow gold
Yellow gold is back and how! For the past few decades, white gold and platinum have reigned supreme when it comes to engagement rings. But, the last couple of years have seen a steady rise in the popularity of metals in other colors. The trend got its footing in the huge success of rose gold jewelry and now it's a full fledged alternative movement. 

We think yellow gold is an especially wonderful alternative for the traditional white gold or platinum ring settings for couples looking for budget engagement rings. The reason being diamonds of lower color grades, other than the bright white and expensive D, E and F shades, look very nice when set in yellow gold. The warmer hues of diamonds with color grades G, H, I and even J look so beautiful when embraced by yellow gold settings. The other advantage of course being the price drop seen in these diamond color grades.

This yellow gold engagement ring epitomizes elegance. It has a classic pave set diamond band and the center diamond is securely set in a trellis mount. 

If you prefer a center stone other than round, how about this cushion halo engagement ring. Its band is encrusted with sparkling french pave set diamonds. 

So, we have looked into our crystal ball and these are the three main trends we foresee. You can create any of these trending rings or anything else you would like with our customization services. Get started!

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