Thursday 24 January 2019

What to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

First of all – Congratulations! If you are reading this article it means that you are about to pop the question to your special someone on Valentine's Day. It is a very romantic gesture and a really exciting time in your life.

There is one rule – There is no rule
There are a lot of traditions, rules and myths that come with buying an engagement ring. The truth is that there is no particular rule that you need to follow to buy the perfect ring. Your perfect ring is subjective and only you know what it looks like! A big rule that people often follow is that you need to keep the engagement ring a surprise from your to-be fiancé. But practically, making such a big purchase for a ring that she is supposed to wear forever and keeping it a secret from her does not really make sense. It is a great step if you include your partner and take her to pick her own engagement ring. This way she can pick exactly what she wants and you won’t have to risk having to return or exchange the ring after the proposal. After she has picked out the perfect engagement ring, you can still keep the proposal a surprise. You can plan it exactly the way you want to and where you want to. No magic is lost here!

Another really practical and smart thing that people are starting to do is that, they are only buying the center stone and not the entire ring setting. People have different tastes in jewelry and to buy something completely different than one’s preference can cause a lot of complications in the whole proposal situation. You could always buy the diamond and mount it on a placeholder – It is temporary setting and looks like a solitaire ring, and propose to your significant other with it. She can always make all the other decisions regarding the details of the ring and you can both end up creating an engagement ring that’s gorgeous and works perfectly!

Read up – Do your research
You definitely should not go into it without any research done at all. The “I’ll figure it out on my own” attitude absolutely does not work when it comes to engagement ring shopping. If you were buying a house, TV or car would it make sense to just blindly go into a store and get the first thing you see? No – Right? The same judgment applies here. You need to get good research done and have to put some effort before making a big purchase like this. But thankfully, this is not as complicated as it might seem. There is a whole world of information regarding engagement rings online in the form of articles, videos and ebooks. Just browse through a few blog posts and you will gain a lot of perspective. There are forums where you could post your queries and diamond experts will answer them for you. You must read up on the 4Cs – It helps a lot!

Check online before offline
Here is something that you probably did not know – Engagement rings online are way cheaper than the ones in jewelry retail stores. It is 100% true that you will get good quality diamonds at a comparatively lesser price than the same ones at an offline retailer. High-end jewelry stores have high priced engagement rings as they include their overhead charges in their prices. Overhead charges are basically the price that these stores have to pay for a large staff, store upkeep, rent or mortgages etc. Online jewelry stores do not have these costs associated with their production and so they pass on this benefit to their customers. Another thing to keep in mind is that online stores usually have a bigger collection of engagement ring options, and it is way easier to look through different stores and compare prices online than it is in real-life jewelry stores.

We hope you shop smart, informed and stress-free for the loveliest engagement ring! Start here to get your ring in time before Valentine's Day!

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