Friday 29 March 2019

6 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

The most popular gemstones all over the world, sparkly little stones brought out for celebrations of all kinds – diamonds are gorgeously fascinating! These stones are loved by all and quite difficult to destroy. Did you know that only a diamond is strong enough to cut or scratch another diamond? That’s not all – there is just so much more to this beautiful gemstone! Here are 6 facts about diamonds that are quite interesting to know.

Diamonds Are Very, Very, Very Old – Billions of Years Old
Did you know that the oldest diamonds in the world are found to be over 4 billion years old? If that is not magical I don’t know what is! Most natural diamonds today are 1 billion to 3.3 billion years old. Diamonds are formed almost about 120 miles beneath the surface of the earth. It needs carbon and extreme pressure and high temperature for diamonds to be naturally formed.

Some Diamonds May Be from Outer Space
Carbonado diamonds that are mainly found in Africa and South America are believed to be accumulated by an asteroid that impacted the earth about 3 billion years ago. These diamonds are different from conventional diamonds not just in color but also in composition. These stones contain high levels of graphite and are quite porous so they do not make great engagement ring diamonds but they are great to cut and polish into black diamond jewelry.

There Is a Planet Made of Diamond
55 Cancri e is a planet that was found in 2004 and it is primarily made of carbon in the form of diamond and graphite. The planet has twice the width of the Earth and a mass that is eight times larger and is known as a “super-Earth”. 55 Cancri e orbits around the sun in only 18 hours, as opposed to the Earth’s 365 days.

A Diamond Can Be Broken in One Blow
When a diamond is placed in a certain position, there is a specific angle where when struck it can completely shatter and split. However it takes good knowledge and analysis to break a diamond that way. Don’t worry about the diamonds in your jewelry though. Diamonds are 58 times harder than any natural material.

Your Pencil and Diamonds Have a Lot in Common
The graphite that is the lead in your pencils is made of 100% carbon, the same as diamonds! The carbon crystals in graphite are arranged differently than diamonds and that is the reason it’s opaque and easy to break with a little bit of pressure.

The Largest Diamond Was 3106 Carats
The largest diamond ever discovered was 3106 carats and 1.33 pounds and was called the Cullinan diamond. The Cullinan was found in 1905, South Africa, and was given to King Edward. The diamond was then cut into nine big diamonds and hundred smaller stones. Three of the largest stone are on display today in the Tower of London.

The precious little stones are much more than just jewelry. Diamonds are magnificent, meaningful and quite possibly magical! Start your diamond journey here.

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