Monday 25 March 2019

The Gorgeous and Underrated Radiant Cut Diamond

Are you thinking about getting a loose diamond and jewelry setting separately? Buying a loose diamond gives you the flexibility to customize the other aspects of your jewelry and potentially save up on parts of your jewelry that you do not necessarily want and would have had to put up with if you bought an already set diamond. If you are someone who likes unique and classic jewelry you definitely need to consider the gorgeous Radiant Cut diamond!

The Diamond 4Cs
Before anything else you absolutely need to know about the 4Cs of a diamond – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. The 4Cs are the measurements of the important characteristics of a diamond that is documented in the certification that comes with your diamond purchase.

Cut: The cut is the way a rough, unpolished stone is cut and carved into a real diamond filled with brilliance and sparkle. The more efficiently a diamond is cut the better it will reflect light and sparkle endlessly. A diamond that reflects light well is of good quality and costs more than one that’s not cut properly and doesn’t sparkle as much.

Color: The color of a diamond is graded on a D-Z scale; D being absolutely colorless and Z being the most yellow. And then there are other rare diamonds that are found in colors like brown, pink, blue etc. The closer a diamond is to white, the most valuable it is. Remember, it’s a better idea to get a nearly colorless G-grade diamond that’s cheaper than a completely colorless diamond such as D and looks colorless to the naked eye.

Clarity: Diamonds come natural imperfections that form under the earth. These flaws are called “Inclusions”. Most inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. This C in the 4Cs is not the most important one because some inclusions hardly make a difference in the diamond’s appearance.

Carat: The carat weight is what will most affect the cost of your loose diamond. Even though it’s a popular belief that the carat is the most important part about buying a diamond, it’s not true. The cut is the most significant part of a diamond. Remember to never compromise on your loose diamond’s cut for carat.

A Radiant cut is a fancy shape because it is not a traditional round diamond. It’s a square cut with cropped corners that has brilliant-cut facets making it extremely sparkly. Because it’s a fancy shape it is considerably cheaper than the popular round brilliants – It’s about 30% cheaper than a round brilliant with the exact same qualities.

Unlike most other square shaped diamonds, the radiant cut diamond has an excellent amount of sparkle because of its well cut facets that helps it reflect light in the best ways. The best part about a Radiant cut is that because it is so sparkly, you can go for a diamond with a slightly lower color and clarity grade and its well-lit facets will take care of hiding all imperfections!

A Radiant cut diamond has blunt edges so it’s less likely to get caught in clothes and or get chipped or cracked. You can set your loose diamond in an engagement ring – a piece of jewelry that’s regularly worn without worrying about it getting damaged easily. The Radiant cut is also quite versatile – It comes in squares but also in rectangles so you can modify it according to your preference.

We hope you have an easy-breezy experience while shopping for a loose diamond! Good luck!

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