Thursday 11 April 2019

Legacy Collection Diamond Engagement Rings - Part 2

Our Legacy Collection is a selection of engagement rings that are created to pass down to generations over time. These timeless pieces have moving memories, sentiments and emotional attachment associated with it, thus making the curation of this collection an important task. A classic diamond is often the ideal choice for such a collection for its adaptable and timeless qualities. Here is a list of glorious diamond rings with authentic designs from the Legacy Collection.

Vintage Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Floral Head

An ethereal vintage design is the ideal look for a timeless piece of jewelry. The brilliant round center stone is securely held in place by a floral head, and the shank is laced with a sparkling row of diamonds and leaf motifs. The white gold of the ring subtly adds to the brilliance of the endless diamonds making it glow even more. Is there anything more gorgeous than that?

Classic Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Scroll Details

The cushion cut diamond center sets the vintage tone for this ring. A lavish cathedral profile with the elegant miligrained scroll details is the perfect recipe for a unique piece of jewelry. This is one such design that can never go out of style, instead can only be enhanced.

Graceful Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Curls

There is nothing ordinary about this gem of a design. Elevated with prongs, the brilliant center stone stands out as the sparkling highlight of the show! The band of the ring is truly a work of art. Laced with carefully miligrained diamond curls and an intricately scrolled gallery, this ring is unlike any other.

Exclusive Cushion Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

This artistic cushion halo diamond ring is definitely a statement piece. It has a rich miligrained cathedral design with leaf motifs on the shank. A legacy collection would be quite incomplete without a striking statement piece such as this breathtakingly brilliant diamond ring.

We hope you take your time as you go about choosing the perfect jewelry that will last you a lifetime. 
Location: New York, NY, USA


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