Monday 15 April 2019

From Passable to Phenomenal – Easy Ways to Zhuzh Up Your Work Outfit with Diamonds

Compulsory dress codes and odd work timings – unlike regular wear there are a lot of aspects to a work outfit. A balance of professionalism, confidence and personal expression makes the perfect approach to looking your best at the workplace. However, a great look does not have to be all that complicated. You don’t really need to spend your mornings worrying about each little detail in your outfit. In fact, elevating your workwear from “Will do” to “This is amazing!” is actually quite simple.

A good jewelry collection is the answer to all your workwear-woes. There is no need to reset your entire closet – A thoughtful piece of accessory can dramatically improve an outfit like you wouldn’t believe! Here are three ways you can magically transform your ordinary work-look into a stylish ensemble.

No-Effort Effort

A great way to elevate a work outfit is to pair it with minimalistic jewelry. For a breezy daytime-look go for a pair of dainty diamond stud earrings. Because diamonds studs are so subtle, adding a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet in the mix makes for just the right amount of sparkle without overdoing it. Delicate, simple jewelry is the best way to make an effort without having to deal with any hassle!

Eye-Catching Statement Piece

Pairing different types of jewelry together can get a bit confusing and messy. But there are many easy, no-nonsense hacks to making a normal pantsuit or a formal skirt look fabulous! A striking piece of jewelry might not seem like the perfect work accessory but if worn correctly it can turn you into a confident badass! A single diamond drop necklace is a great way to instantly zhuzh up a formal blouse. If you are wearing something that does not show your collarbone, like a shirt – Pair your smart outfit with a couple white-gold hoop earrings for a charming dazzle.

A Touch of Color

Because diamonds are so versatile and adaptable they make for the safest choice when it comes to work jewelry. However, once in a while it’s quite fun to make a bold choice! Colored gemstones can totally change a regular work attire into a well-thought and sensible outfit. A magical-looking blue sapphire pendant necklace with a diamond halo works wonders with a formal white dress. It’s absolutely foolproof!

A lovely piece of jewelry paired correctly with a traditional work outfit can make a world of difference. Remember it’s all in the details!

Location: New York, NY, USA


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