Thursday 23 May 2019

All About Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are a perfect blend of eye-catching and elegant. The halo setting features a formation of smaller diamonds surrounding the center gemstone of the ring. Typically diamonds are the choice of center gemstone for a halo engagement ring but if you and your partner are people who like unique designs then feel free to use gemstones like emerald, sapphires or rubies to surround your center stone.

Halo engagement rings are quite popular at the moment because of the variety of styles that they come in – everything from retro and classic halo designs to grand double halo engagement rings for an even grand proposal! Here is everything that you need to know about the halo engagement ring before you make a purchase.

Price – Pro/Con
A halo setting for your engagement ring is a great technique to make your center stone look larger than it really is without the cost of having to buy a bigger diamond. The price of diamonds does not increase linearly. If the other 4Cs, that is, color, cut and clarity being the same, a 1-carat diamond won't cost just double of a 0.5-carat diamond, but a lot more. So a halo setting can be a really good way of adding some bling to your ring without needing to spend big bucks for a big center diamond!

However, because of all the little diamonds and workmanship needed to fix them in little prongs around the center diamond for the making of a halo engagement ring, the cost of the jewelry can really creep up. And the more intricately designed the halo setting is, the more expensive it will be.

Halo engagement rings need a little more care than a simpler style of engagement ring because of the number of little diamonds that are used in making it. Each tiny diamond in a ring with a halo setting needs to be arranged individually by a jeweler with tiny prongs. It possible that over time some of the prongs may get bent out of position and a diamond or two comes loose and falls out. This is why these rings should be regularly checked and taken to the jewelers to be checked and fixed.

Here are a few popular styles of engagement ring with a halo setting:

Classic Halo Engagement Ring
The classic halo setting features a ring of little sparkling diamonds surrounding the diamond in the center. This design is the least expensive when it comes to halo styles and adds around 0.3 carats to the total weight of the halo engagement ring.

Double Halo Engagement Ring
This is a great example of how grand an engagement ring with a halo setting can look! The two tiers of beautiful diamonds around the center diamond add to the sparkle and prove that you don’t need a huge diamond to make your ring look really impressive!

Floral Halo Engagement Ring
To add a romantic twist to your ring, you could choose a floral silhouette to surround your brilliant center diamond. The romantic and nature-inspired motif is the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

We hope you have a great time creating the most perfect engagement ring for the perfect love of your life. Congratulations! 


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