Friday 24 May 2019

Beautiful Three Stone Engagement Rings From Our Collection

If the love of your life has an inclination towards unique designs and classy jewelry and appreciates thoughtful and romantic gestures, then a personalized three stone engagement ring is the one to go for. The three stones in the ring are traditionally said to represent the past, present and future. Three stone rings are also the best choice for an anniversary gift – the stones binding the past, present and the future of the couple’s relationship. However, this beautiful concept applies to all relationships, which is why these rings also make for great engagement rings. Here is everything you need to know before buying your perfect three stone engagement ring.

Price and Versatility
Three stone engagement ring buyers have the advantage and more room for experimenting. Because there are three diamonds in this setting style you can make a choice to go for smaller diamonds which will help you save a big deal. You do not have to make an expensive purchase of one big diamond for this style of ring. Instead, you could get three diamonds that are eye-clean and relatively inexpensive or go with unique tinted diamonds.

To make it more meaningful, you could make your partner’s birthstone the center gemstone of your the engagement ring. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are popular choices for three stone engagement rings as they add interest and color to the otherwise classic diamond engagement ring. And it does not end here! Here are some amazing ring combinations that may serve as inspiration in your quest to find the perfect engagement ring!

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Princess Cut Diamonds

The three stone ring design has two smaller diamonds on either side of the larger center diamond. Although round diamonds are a popular choice, you can also opt for princess cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are a perfect choice for this ring design because of their flat sides and symmetry. The diamonds can be held in place by a trellis setting, instead of simple prongs, which gives the ring an elegant flourish and intricacy.

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Baguette Diamonds

Now if you don’t want a classic three stone diamond ring you could consider a ring with two baguette diamonds with a round center diamond. The baguette diamonds usually produce broad flashes of reflected light that brings all the attention to the sparkling faceted center diamond.

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Half Moon Diamonds

Another great thing about these diamond rings is that diamond shapes that are not commonly used in other ring settings work perfectly in this setting. The half moon side diamonds add a charming look to an otherwise standard ring and their glittering shine perfectly complements a round brilliant or cushion diamond in the center.

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pear Shaped Sapphire Side Stones

Here is where things get even more exciting! This setting is a great way to add color and personality to your ring. Choosing colorful gemstones as the side stones will only add to the existing wonderful qualities of the center diamond. You could even consider mixing up the shapes – a pear-shaped sapphire or emerald on either side of a round center will certainly mean a unique ring.

There are endless possibilities with the three stone engagement ring and with its charm and versatility, you just can’t go wrong!

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