Monday 6 May 2019

All about the Sparkling White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is relatively newer than some of the other metals that are used in engagement rings and jewelry in general. Yellow gold had always been the first choice for engagement rings for thousands of years, but in the last 60 or so years, white gold has become the most popular choice. White gold offers you durability, shine and good value – no wonder people like it so much! Here is everything about this sparkling metal that’s important to know before you make a decision to buy a white gold engagement ring.

What is White Gold?
Here is a little background check. Gold is an extremely delicate metal that is quite rarely found in its absolute pure form. In its pure form, gold isn’t strong enough and cannot be made into jewelry so to make gold durable enough to mold into jewelry; it is mixed with other stronger metals to create a strong alloy. Now there are quite a few combinations that make jewelry-grade gold.

Some combinations of gold are:
9 Karat: 37.50% pure gold
10 Karat: 41.7% pure gold
14 Karat: 58.3% pure gold
18 Karat: 75.00% pure gold
24 Karat: 100% pure gold

In context, Karat is usually shortened to kt or k, and should not be confused with the similar sounding word “Carat” which is the measure of the weight of a diamond.

The metals that create the rest of the white gold alloy (the non-gold part) will always vary. For 14k white gold it would normally be around 58.5% gold, 20% copper, 14.5% nickel and 7.5% zinc. The nickel and zinc are what gives white gold its shimmery silvery color. White gold is also often coated thinly with rhodium which is a white colored metal that gives out a bright shine and adds better durability.

Durability, Flexibility and Cost
White gold is a great choice for engagement rings because it looks great and not as susceptible to tarnish, rust or corrosion. It’s a good metal to wear on an everyday basis without worrying a lot about it. Also that gold is quite malleable and flexible. In fact, if under pressure your white gold engagement ring will not break or snap but bend instead which is much easier to fix.

The flexibility of this metal also makes things easy for the jewelers to work on it and so you can experiment with different styles of rings and intricate designs. Also, because it is easy to work on, it cuts down the cost of the workmanship so it will be comparatively less expensive.

Looks Spectacular with Diamonds
One of the main reasons why white gold is such a popular choice for engagement rings is that it complements all kinds of diamonds. If you are planning to buy a brilliant diamond that’s graded between D to H, you should definitely consider setting it in a white gold band. This metal will only add to and enhance the shine and sparkle of your precious stone.

The great thing about white gold is that the neutral tone of white gold works well with stones of all kinds and colors. It adds fire to stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald and somehow takes the backseat and makes your gemstone the center of attention!

A white gold engagement ring is the perfect start to an enduring relationship. We say go for it!

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