Monday 27 May 2019

The Magnificent Pavé Engagement Ring

The pavé ring setting is one of the most magnificent styles there is for engagement rings. A pave setting is a type of a ring where tiny little diamonds are mounted together, often set in multiple rows to surround the entirety of the metal band on the ring. The word pavé is the French translation of the word 'Pavement', for the diamonds in this setting need to fit together like the bricks and cobblestones on a street. If you are considering getting the love of your life a pave diamond engagement ring, you are definitely on the right track! But before you do, let’s get to know your pave engagement ring a little better.

How is a Pavé Engagement Ring Made?
A pave engagement ring is made with keeping maximum brilliance, light and sparkle in mind. These rings are made with utmost care and precision. To create a magnificent pave diamond ring, tiny accent diamonds are set very closely together to give your ring an extraordinary look. Each diamond is set with tiny metal beads that can be a part of the ring or can be soldered on for less metal visibility and better security.

Why Choose a Pavé Engagement Ring?
If you and your partner are looking to add some extra bling to your engagement ring, then a pave setting is just what you need! Also, with a pave ring you can choose to go for a comparatively smaller center diamond as the ring would look very sparkly with pave diamonds on the band than it would have appeared without it.

How Much Does a Pavé Engagement Ring Cost?
Here’s the thing – even though a pave setting is an absolutely great way to add some extra bling to your ring, you can never tell how much it might cost you. Because there are many, many small diamonds involved and it takes extra workmanship to set each stone in individually, the cost of a pave diamond ring may go up. The more intricately diamond encrusted your engagement ring is, the more expensive it will be.

Types of Pave Setting Rings
Pavé Halos
Halo engagement rings are quite a popular choice when it comes to engagement rings because of its fiery sparkle. This setting features a halo of diamonds studded around the center diamond. This setting makes the center diamond look bigger and is a great option for a bride that’s looking for an engagement ring that isn’t too flashy but has sparkle around the center diamond.

French Pavé
In this setting the metal forms a little U or V shape underneath each diamond, exposing the sides of the diamonds. With this setting, the ring appears to be diamond encrusted with minimal metal visible.

Micro Pavé
If you want your engagement ring to look elegant and delicate, go for the micro-pave setting. In this style, very, very small diamonds are mounted together to give your ring an extremely sparkly look.

Pave diamond rings are wonderfully bright, intricate and just extraordinary! We hope you find your perfect engagement ring for the perfect partner that you’ve chosen for yourself!

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