Friday 14 June 2019

3 Months Salary and Other Engagement Ring "Rules" You Really Don't Need In Your Life!

Picture This: You are in a jewelry store and looking at different kinds of rings. You know what you want and you’re asking for diamond rings with specific details, or maybe it’s not a diamond ring at all; maybe it’s a pink sapphire ring that you know your partner will love or it could be that you, yourself are looking for a delicate band with sparkling diamonds. “Minimalist jewelry is very in right now.” the jeweler says. “It's my dream engagement ring.” you respond enthusiastically. But then the jeweler gasps in shock, takes all the rings away and shakes his head in disappointment while telling you, "Oh, no. These aren't engagement rings".

Ok, we admit this may be just a tad bit dramatic :) But, the point we're trying to make is there is no "right" or “wrong” engagement ring. When a person says the words "engagement ring" out loud, this piece of jewelry is suddenly subjected to so much speculation, judgment and pressure that it can get quite ridiculous at times!

There are all these rules around this piece of jewelry that are completely irrational and only make the whole ring buying process unnecessarily stressful. After all, this is a piece of jewelry that celebrates a very special bond. The last thing it should be is stressful. Here's what we think you should do with these so-called "Engagement Ring Rules".

“You can’t shop with your partner, it will ruin the surprise!”
The man is supposed to surprise the woman with a ring she has never laid eyes on before and she has to love it instantly and that's how you start your happily ever after! Let's consider for a second, what if she doesn't like the ring? What if she wanted a rose gold band with an oval center diamond in a halo setting? You can’t believe this is happening because you went out of your way and spent a small fortune on a round brilliant diamond mounted on a solitaire ring because that's how an engagement ring looks like, right??

The thing is we understand your heart was in the right place and but tastes in engagement rings are rather subjective. You can save yourself from a lot of stress if you just take your partner along to choose the ring. There is literally no chance that she won’t like it if she has picked it herself.

Not convinced? Ok. How about talk to your partner about the ring she would like? We're talking about diamond shape, ring setting and a range of carat size. It would help if you ask her for some inspiration photos. You can then consider all of her inputs before surprising her with the ring.

Also, just because you got the ring together doesn’t mean you can’t keep the proposal a surprise. There are many ways to still keep the proposal a surprise. Check how to do that here.

“A good engagement ring should cost three months’ salar-" SHUSH!
It is absolutely not true that you need to spend your three months’ salary or any arbitrary sum to get the perfect engagement ring. How much you can spend on an engagement ring is completely up to you and your partner. Will you be having a big wedding, are the two of you students just starting out, do you have other financial commitments - these are all questions the two of you need to answer before coming up with a budget for the engagement ring.

But the good news is, it is possible to find a beautiful engagement ring at absolutely ANY and we mean ANY budget. It's all a matter of balancing the 4Cs and the right setting to get the most bang or bling (see what we did there) for your buck!

Here's another possibility that most couples don't realize - Upgrade in the future. Most online diamond retailers and that includes us offer diamond upgrades. You can trade in your old diamond for a bigger, better diamond in the future. Read up on all our lifetime diamond upgrade to know more.

“Round Brilliant Diamond Solitare Ring - That's what an engagement ring looks like, right?”
Round brilliant diamonds may be the perfect match for many people but it doesn’t have to be the only choice that you need to go for. Same goes for the classic six prong solitaire setting. A good engagement ring should be exactly what you want and want to spend for. You could go for a radiant or a cushion cut for the best brilliance or you can check shapes like oval, emerald or marquise for a unique touch. If you’d love some color in your engagement ring you could go for blue sapphire side stones on your band or maybe even a yellow diamond center! The world is your oyster! Which brings us to the next point -

“Custom rings are very expensive!”
Not true. Custom rings can be no more expensive than pre-made ones. You can build yourself a custom ring within your budget and make it exactly how you want it without any compromise. Get started on your ring journey.

We hope you make an informed decision while buying your engagement ring now that you don't have to worry about these "rules"! 


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