Wednesday 21 August 2019

Maid of Honor Gift Guide: How to Pick a Gift Your Maid of Honor Will Love

Whether it is helping you with planning every detail for your wedding or helping you cope with the stress of the wedding, your maid of honor is doing an amazing job. And, we know just how you can say 'thank you' for all her love, support and effort. Let's dive right into it.

Do You Get Your Maid of Honor an Extra Gift?
You MOH plays a big role in the wedding and she has helped you plan your big day so it's a good idea to let her know her efforts are recognized and appreciated. Should you give your maid of honor something more than your bridesmaids? Only you can answer that question. But if you do, we suggest giving her the gift privately, at a different time from when you give your bridesmaids their gifts. Here are some ideas that would delight your maid of honor.

Giving your MOH a sparkling gift that she can wear at the wedding is a very thoughtful gesture. Choose jewelry that is timeless and versatile so she can wear it at the wedding and beyond. We're big fans of diamonds studs because they can be worn with anything, work, going out for brunch, date night, anything!

But, if you would like to gift her something a little more dressy, we suggest our
Diamond Stud Earrings With Cushion Double Halo. The cushion-shaped silhouette is a new take on the traditional stud earrings. They're sparkling enough for the wedding and perfect for adding brilliance to her outfits after the wedding.
If you know your maid of honor's style, choose something that's her style. Our Leaf Motif Pendant is perfect for someone who loves all things vintage.

Another great choice is jewelry that has special meaning for your MOH. Does she love her fur babies? This paw print pendant in two-tone gold is perfect.

We hope our top picks for maid of honor jewelry help you get started. 


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