Thursday 29 August 2019

Gifts for Groomsmen and Best Man Gifts: Ideas, Etiquette and More

The wedding party plays such a big role in making your dream wedding come true so it makes sense that you want to appreciate all that they have done with the perfect gift. Read our tips on picking jewelry and gifts for bridesmaids and the maid of honor here. This post covers the best man and groomsmen. Let's figure out how to thank your groomsmen and best man for standing by your side!

When you start, you have some questions - How much should you spend on your groomsmen gifts?
Does the best man get a different gift than the groomsmen? So when do you give your groomsmen and the best man their gifts? Let's start at the start - How much should you spend on your groomsmen gifts? The answer to this question is never simple and differs for every couple. A good place to start is to look at your wedding budget and then compare it with what the groomsmen and the best man are spending to be a part of the wedding. These are not cardinal rules, merely a place to start.

Does the best man get a different gift than the groomsmen? Most couples prefer to give something special to the best man, after all, he has been doing his job in the months leading up to the wedding. Additionally, the best man (and maid of honor) will be a part of not only your wedding but your life. So, it's a thoughtful gesture to pick out something nice just for him.

When do you give groomsmen and best man their gifts? Choose the right time to give your gifts. Times that work are at the rehearsal dinner, at the bachelor party or even on the wedding day.

Now, let's figure out what to give your groomsmen and best man!
1. Something for the Wedding Day
Jewelry and accessories that coordinate with what they will wear on their wedding day are always appreciated. Subtle yet stylish bracelets from our collection of men's bracelets make the best groomsmen gifts.   

2. Something That Reflects Their Personality
How about choosing unique best man and groomsmen gifts? Groomsmen gifts that reflect their personalities are gifts that the groomsmen can use after the wedding is long done. Music lovers will appreciate great headphones. For fitness enthusiasts, sports water bottles or protein shakers make the perfect groomsmen gifts.

3. Something Personalized
Personalized gifts for groomsmen and the best man are a thoughtful touch. You can have almost anything personalized with their names, initials or even favorite football team's logo. Some ideas for personalized gifts include personalized beer mugs, tie clips, dopp kits, BBQ tools, barware, wallets and more.

Choosing perfect gifts for best man and the groomsmen takes time and thought so plan in advance and we hope these ideas help you get started.

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