Friday 27 March 2020

What jewelry styles are trending in 2020?

Jewelry and fashion are constantly changing. People may not be gathering en masse right now due to the world situation, but we've kept our eye on the evolution of style, regionally and globally.

From last year's final runway expositions to televised entertainment and celebrity fashion, here are trends that have enjoyed a groundswell of popularity through the first quarter of 2020.

1. Layered jewelry

Traditional layering sees chains, bracelets and bangles of similar style combined together. In 2020 we have seen a breakaway from homogeneous layering to combinations of diverse lengths, thicknesses and styles. That can look great as long as the combination make design-sense and use the same flow as the outfit being worn. For example, we wouldn't recommend layering warm and cool themed jewelry together, unless that's a reflection of the clothing choices.

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2. Chokers

As you're considering how to layer that neck-wear, it may be helpful to know chokers are definitely in style now. They come in many different iterations, from petite to bold. Chokers have always  captured attention by highlighting the neck. From delicate chains to leather bands to complex fashion, chokers have experienced a surge in popularity this year.

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3. Pearls

Pearls are back in style, and not just for jewelry. Many accessories are also pearl-studded. Their great versatility means they're just as happy on a purse or belt right now, as they were on Queen Elizabeth's neck over 400 years ago. Around 15% of couples choose something other than a diamond for engagement and pearls are a popular choice. The most publicized recent example was Emma Stone's engagement to actor Dave McCary a few months ago in December, 2019.

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4. Natural materials

Organic designs are in style, and a number of jewelry designers have responded by putting natural stones, shells and minerals in their pieces, frequently unworked. Crystal healers have done this for many years in their own homemade applications. Now the long-presumed "energy" of different natural stones which have calming properties has become fashionable. It seems right to mention this now, since aquamarine, the birthstone of March, is seen as a powerful meditation tool, employed by crystal healers to guide an individual toward finding her or his core spirituality.

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5. Wildlife-inspired pieces

Finally, in keeping with natural, organic themes, the popularity of wildlife themed jewelry is on the rise. Whether it's a dolphin pendant, butterfly necklace or something more exotic, there's abundant creativity in the world of sealife, insect and animal-inspired jewelry.

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