Monday 13 April 2020

Arresting jewelry...

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Whooop! Whooop! "PULL OVER!" - we hear it frequently on TV and sometimes in our own lives.

Normally, it's accompanied with Red and Blue lights and a sinking sensation in your gut.  Yep - you've been spotted doing something out of line...and the police are pulling you over.

"License and registration, please..."

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Ah, the old, familiar line. Maybe it was a rolling stop. Maybe you failed to signal or maybe you went a tick over the speed limit.  Whatever the case, you are hoping for a quick conversation, a warning (please?) and a nice, albeit slower, continued journey to your destination. The law is pretty clear. Either you followed the rules or you did not.

But what are the laws of jewelry?

We have all been in situations, preparing for a night out on the town or a party, when we agonize over 'what bling shall I wear?'  Are these drop-earring too much?  Would a simple chain and pendant work best, or should I put something more bold around my neck? I'm afraid this aquamarine doesn't go with this top.

The jewelry rules just aren't spelled out like they are when driving down the road. Sure, you can research what's trending, as we presented on this blog a while back. You can listen to experts about what sets off a slender neck, a broad wrist, prominent ears or a slender waist - and there is a great feeling whenever we find a piece that seems to fit 'just right.'

If we had only one outfit to wear or only one event to attend it would be easy - the same flattering jewelry would work every time.  But in the real world (when the world is behaving normally, that is) being out with real people on multiple occasions can make the effort of picking the right jewelry accessories a bit daunting.

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Should it be, though?

How often do you just go for it? How often do you take a chance? Do you ever wear something simply because you like it? Because you think it's neat - even if it doesn't quite suit your attire or even (omigosh) CLASHES with your ensemble?

It's a bit like slowly rolling through a stop, or running a few miles per hour over the speed limit. You know you're rule-breaking there, too. The advantage of jewelry rule-breaking... or "rewelry-breaking" that it's completely harmless.

Breaking the rewels

Sure, you may risk a sideways glance from a family-member, friend or colleague but why let that deter you? In fact, those who conform to what's expected may actually be a bit envious of your choices.

Another great thing when rewelry-breaking is that none of the conventions you're ignoring are ACTUAL rules.  The jewelry police simply don't exist.

So go for it, I say. Be bold, shake-up traditions. Heck, be downright gaudy if you want to. It's your jewelry and no one is going to pull you over. No one is going to ask for your license and registration. You get to drive whatever jewelry-speed you wish! You bought it; wear it!

Break the rewels from time to time, it's okay.

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