Wednesday 8 April 2020

Diamond and Jewelry lovers - UNHORSED!

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"A horse! A horse! My Kingdom for a horse!"

We have all heard this famous Shakespearean quote penned for King Richard III who - upon losing his horse in battle - falls into a rage, killing everything in his path as he seeks a mount. 

That quote has become a battle-cry of sorts for people who have urgent need of something which  may normally seem insignificant, but suddenly looms large.

In the world of jewelry, as we absorb our transformed world of quarantine and social distancing, these trinkets and baubles that were very important mere months ago have logically taken a back-seat to the more significant topics of basic supplies, finances and family health & safety.

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Should we be ashamed to admit that we miss the bling? 

Isn’t one of the attractions of eating dinner in a crowded restaurant seeing the bright flash from a ladies ring, or sparkle from her ear?

Noticing an elegant watch on the man standing at the bar or the stunning pendant adorning the woman crossing the floor. These are seemingly insignificant things that can suddenly loom large when they go absent from your life.

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Sure, we can google images, shop catalogs, go to our favorite online jewelry discussion forums, or even open the cases we have in our homes; these are nice (albeit brief) escapes.

But immersing oneself in the crowd while attending a symphony, or using your opera glasses to surreptitiously snoop on jewelry across the theater, or watching a parade of interesting pieces go by as people board the plane - these little thrills are now missing in our lives.

Yes, it's understood we must prioritize a #slowthecurve reality so these things cannot compare with the truly substantive things that connect us all.  But, given the current state of affairs you couldn’t blame someone for crying out -

“Some Bling, Some Bling! My Kingdom for some Bling!” 

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We can only hope for a return from our current winter of discontent to something made glorious sooner rather than later. 

In the meantime, find your nicest pieces - and send pics.

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