Monday 6 April 2020

You don’t have to quarantine your jewelry!

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It has been several weeks since the government asked us to stay inside, avoiding contact with the outside world.

Our dependence on video conferencing using FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts and other platforms seems to have gone up. Our collective human tolerance for a more "casual" version of ourselves has also risen proportionately. 

It can be nice, even refreshing, for men to go a few days without shaving, and women to eschew the full make-up and carefully chosen outfits they might have insisted on wearing a few weeks ago. A video ‘happy hour’ with friends isn't the dress-up affair it tends to be in public. It's more comfortable in house pants, a sweatshirt and sporting hair that's left tamed, but not styled.

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Now that barbers are closed I have seen scores of men taking shavers to their heads.  Put simply, we've have allowed out true selves to shine a bit more, and the trappings of our existence to matter a bit less. I believe this is a good thing in the long run!

For years we've seen a tendency on social media to put forward the ‘best’ of each person. It can make the observer’s life seem mundane and uninspiring, compared to the glamorous insta, face and pinnings of others.

But, I can’t help but think…maybe our jewelry is getting lonely?

Imagine our every-day bling left in dark jewelry boxes for weeks now. Our fancier pieces lying in the dark, with no recourse but to out-last the quarantine. 

NO! I say.

I'm speaking up for those lovely and valued pieces of our lives.  Find a way, ladies and gentlemen, to make your jewelry feel loved during this time!

Schedule a romantic dinner date, in your house, with your spouse, significant other or roomie.  Insist on dressing-up, wearing your beautiful watches, necklaces, earrings and pendants. Take pictures, post them on social media and recapture a flavor of the finer times of life!

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If you want to go big: Share recipes and schedule a weekly dinner date via Zoom with friends. Create the same appetizers and entree'. Decide on the same wine and dessert. Put your friends on the table with you... Talk, laugh and exchange stories over your silver and crystal - enjoying the same kind of dress-up company you once took for granted.  Afterwards, be sure to post screenshots and selfies tagging one another.

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Now, read the comments from those who have left their jewelry hidden away and see if you don't spark a movement.

Yes, we must live with social distancing and limit our exposure to the outside world for a while longer. But, as a jewelry advocate, I implore you - don’t quarantine your jewelry!

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