Monday 2 July 2018

All About the Fiery Glow of the July Birthstone: Ruby

The red glorious ruby is one of the most highly prized gemstones and also the birthstone of the lucky ones born in July. The fiery red gemstone symbolizes passionate love and success. The value of a ruby increases by the size more than any other precious stone because it is way more difficult to find a large sized ruby than to find a large diamond, sapphire or emerald. Here is everything that you need to know about this rare little July birthstone!

What is a Ruby?
The July birthstone Ruby, like Sapphire, is a type of mineral corundum that has trace amounts of an element called chromium that makes the gemstone bright red. The more chromium a ruby has the more strong the color red is in it. Other than the deep color, chromium can also cause red fluorescence that makes the intensity of the color brighter and stronger.

When there is heat and pressure applied to the minerals in limestone, often rubies form in marble. These ruby stones are high on chromium and have less iron in them so they are priced quite high. These rubies are deep, bright red and high in fluorescence.

Many rubies are also made in basalt after hot molten lava cools down and becomes solid. These rubies have more iron in them compared to chromium and so basalt-hosted rubies are typically darker than marble-hosted rubies. Because these rubies are so high on iron the darkness of the stone often masks its fluorescence depriving it of that bright red colored glow.

The July Birthstone History
The fascinating ruby has a long history of rational and irrational theories. In ancient times the ruby was believed to heal a body of hemorrhage because of its blood like red color. The red gemstone was believed to soak in and soothe anger in a person and cure inflammatory diseases.
In Hindu folklore, it was believed that the fiery red stone would glow and burn so hot that it allegedly boiled water, and there were Greek legends who similarly believed that the warm fire of a ruby could melt wax. In Burma – a big source of rubies since about 600 AD, warriors thought that keeping a ruby near would make them invincible. Many warriors at some point implanted rubies into their skin for an endless protection in battle.

Buying a Ruby the Right Way
There are many ways to buy a ruby for you or for that special someone. If someone that you love is born in the month of July, then a ruby is the perfect stone to gift them in jewelry. Rubies also make very unique and magnificent engagement rings and especially if your soon to-be life partner’s birthday is in July. Since ancient times rubies have been believed to raise your energy levels and bring you health, passionate love, wealth and loads of success. This gemstone is also traditionally given for one’s 15th and 40th  wedding anniversaries.

Here is Everything Red that B2C Jewels has to Offer:

The stunning Starburst Diamond Halo set in cool white gold does the spectacular brightness of the ruby justice.

A charming oval cut ruby set in exceptional platinum is no less than grand magic.

This ruby set in 14K white gold is all that minimalist dreams are made of.

A prong set bright ruby solitaire makes it the perfect evening jewelry.

Round cut ruby earrings set in a diamond encrusted scalloped halo are the perfect match with every outfit.

They are unique, elegant and undeniably charming. Maybe now is the time to make brightly glowing rubies your best friend! 

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