Thursday 5 July 2018

How to Rock Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces is the new way to add a little extra effort in your “getting ready” game. And bonus point: Layered necklaces were never not in style! This brilliant way to up your styling and adding more sparkle to an outfit has been on trend since the beginning of jewelry-time. It is one of those jewelry tricks that fit in with both modern and traditional wear. The best part about this is that you do not have to stress about how to do it, the whole point of layering necklaces is to have fun and play around with jewelry. However if you are not sure how to approach layering, here are some tips that might inspire you!

1. Think of Different Necklace Styles and Pendants
Now contradictions and juxtapositions are very, very welcome here. The more different the merrier! Think of pairing different styles like geometric shapes with a vintage sapphire solitaire and modern pearls. Look for chains that have different textures and weights; it could be a rolo, rope, bead, cable, wheat or Venetian. The necklace-world is your oyster! The different textured chain also helps in not tangling instantly. Let your mind run wild and remember to think out of the box.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Length
The different lengths of the chains are the most important part about layering necklaces. Chains that have different lengths help you achieve a cascade effect that gives each chain its moment. If you have a few favorite necklaces that are about the same length you can always get chain extenders to differentiate the lengths. Start with the neck piece that fits the closest to the neck and then build your layered necklace look from there onwards. Make sure all your pendants are visible and not completely overlapping.

3. Make Sure to Consider your Clothing when Layering
What you’re wearing plays a big role in how your layered necklace looks and adds to the whole outfit. Consider the cut of the top that you are wearing; the cut of the neckline of your shirt specifically should work well with the style of your jewelry. If you have a high neckline like a turtleneck, then focus on how the selection of your jewelry matches with the texture or color of the clothing that you are wearing. You do not have to exactly match your jewelry to the type of clothing you are wearing but they should definitely maintain a good synchronicity and complement each other.

4. Combine Contrasting Metals and Odd-Number Multiples
Layering necklaces do not follow any hard and fast rules about how to do it “right”. So once a complete no-no – Combining different metal colors in jewelry is now a big, fat YES! Don’t hold back and consider all different variations: Color, metal, stone and texture. Here only you know what works best.
Same goes with deciding how many necklaces you should wear. Many people often stick to 3 necklaces while layering and it is widely believed and agreed open that an odd number of necklaces look the best. It could be a combination of three, five or more necklaces and it would work as long as you take care of the relationship between the lengths, shapes and styles.

Here are some of the Best B2C Jewels Pieces for Layered Necklaces:
This round diamond solitaire pendant adds just the right amount of sparkle to your layered statement piece.

The undeniable charm of the oval Sapphire pendant in sure to steal the show.

This 18 inch white gold cable chain is the perfect addition to a classy layered combination.

A 14K yellow gold box chain adds a wonderful warm glow to the mix.

This stylish diamond bezel set long station necklace brings the whole look together in the most delicate manner.

Make sure you feel free and aren’t afraid of breaking the rules while layering necklaces. When you finally let go of your inhibitions and open yourself to honest expression you can come up with the best styles!

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