Monday 9 July 2018

Engagement Ring Styles for Women on the Go

An engagement ring is probably the one piece of jewelry that you would regularly wear throughout your life. With such regular use engagement rings anyway are more prone to damage. On top of that if you or your fiancĂ© are often more active in life than not, i.e. have a job where you have to lift things or deal with equipments like a doctor, artist, carpenter or a police officer, then the ring is more prone to damage. If you’re someone who engages in hobbies like gardening, backpacking, hiking and dancing or also if you are just a really clumsy person, then the chances of your engagement ring getting damaged considerably increases. It’s really a hassle to keep removing your engagement ring every time you need to get some work done in order to make sure it’s not easily damaged and then constantly worrying about misplacing or losing it. So, to get a durable and comfortable yet beautiful engagement ring in the first place will solve most of the problem. Here is everything you should know about when you are considering to get a sturdy engagement ring.

The Setting Style
Out of all the engagement ring settings available if we had to choose one setting that would guarantee the protection of your diamonds more than any other it would be the Bezel setting.The edges of a diamond are usually the most vulnerable part of the stone. If the edges of yours stone are exposed in your jewelry and you are planning to wear it every day then it is more prone to chipping. That’s why for the women on the go, a bezel set engagement ring is the safest option there is. The bezel setting gives your center stone a protective rim around its edges that prevents it from chipping.

Setting Styles that are a Big No-No
If the bezel setting is not for you, then of course you can look into other setting styles that may make a well protected and beautiful ring but there are certain ring settings that are a big no-no if you are someone who is active most of the time.

The Cathedral setting is one that you should absolutely avoid in engagement rings if you are someone who is often on the go and has a job that requires physical activity on a daily basis. In the cathedral setting the center stone of your ring is raised high above the band to showcase its brilliance and exposes the diamond to as much light as possible. But because it is placed high is it very likely to get snagged on clothing etc. The prongs used in this setting are delicate and easily bent which may result in your diamond getting lose or lost!

Another setting that you should avoid is the pave setting. In a job where you need to move things around, the small diamonds held by tiny delicate prongs will definitely get loose and the little diamonds may get dislodged and lost.

Choice of Gemstone and Metal
Diamonds make a great center stone as it is known as the strongest natural material that is the closest to indestructible. Moh’s Scale is a scale that measures the hardness of natural materials and the diamond scores 10/10 on it. Rubies and sapphires also make great engagement rings as they are quite sturdy and rank a 9.0 on the Moh’s Scale. However steer clear from stones like the emerald, which is a very soft stone and is easily damaged.

If you are going for a white colored ring then white gold plated in rhodium is the best way to go. Platinum is not a bad choice either especially if you are thinking about prongs as this material is harder to bend than the others.

We hope you spend a good amount of time researching and taking everything into consideration before you settle for the most perfect engagement ring ever!

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