Thursday 25 April 2019

5 Favorite One-of-a-kind Halo Ring Designs

A genius design – the halo is a great way to add a fiery sparkle to your jewelry. The halo setting is a feature with pave or micro-pave diamonds encircling the center gemstone of your jewelry. Popular with engagement rings, a halo setting can make your diamond look way bigger than its actual size at an affordable price. Quite magically, a halo can completely transform a simple diamond ring into an extraordinary piece of art. Here are 5 unique diamond halo rings from our collection that are just undeniably gorgeous.

Vintage Oval Halo with Emerald Cut Center

The dainty mix-match of contrasting shapes is what makes this ring so fascinatingly offbeat. Emerald-cut diamonds are perfect for a vintage look in jewelry and the fancy center stone on this ring does this old-world design justice. The oval-shaped halo around the center is made of many a sparkly pave diamond that extends along the band’s split shank structure. Eye-catching yet sophisticated – this one’s a real keeper!

Ornate Halo with Milgrain Details

This luxurious halo ring is quite breathtakingly detailed. The orate frame of the halo around the brilliant diamond center stone is an extraordinary feature. The diamond-studded halo appears to extend along the marquise frames on the band, and the milgrain details at the edges of the halo add finesse to the entire design. It’s really all in the details with this one.

Classic Halo with Round Diamond Center

This round diamond halo ring is the perfect balance between modern and classic jewelry. The glittery center stone is slightly elevated from the band of the ring, thus giving it a magical sparkle every time the light hits its facets. The gorgeous halo around the center stone and pave diamonds on the band makes this ring the dreamiest a ring can be!

Quatrefoil Halo with Cushion Cut Diamond

This floral quatrefoil halo around a brilliant cushion-cut center diamond is the most striking a statement engagement ring can be. Feminine and glorious, this magnificent design is truly one-of-a-kind. The cathedral silhouette makes the ring look even magnificent. Here is where all offbeat-halo design dreams come to thrive!

Minimalist Compass Halo

The simple and graceful design of this ring is exactly what makes it so special. The diamond-studded halo surrounds the round diamond center stone points towards cardinal directions. The ring features an unfussy white gold band that beautifully complements the compass-inspired design. Just perfect!

A diamond halo is a perfect addition to a good jewelry collection. We hope you find yours!

Location: New York, NY, USA


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