Thursday 18 April 2019

Top 5 Gorgeous Minimalist Diamond Jewelry to Have From Our Collection

Jewelry in itself is quite a magical concept. Versatile and sparkly – a beautiful kind of bijouterie can transform one’s look instantly. From striking statement pieces to dainty solitaires, there are many directions that a great accessory can take you. However, the key to a fashionable jewelry collection is this: Less is more.

Minimalist diamond jewelry is quite revolutionary. It’s remarkable how simple shapes and clean designs can make such a dramatic difference in your overall look. Minimalist jewelry is feminine, elegant and timeless. A balance between subtle and striking – this is where all the magic lies! Here are five sophisticated minimalist diamond jewelry from our collection that you absolutely must have.

Modern Diamond Bar Necklace

A trendy diamond studded bar necklace is the perfect mélange of minimalistic and eye-catching. In white, yellow or rose gold, this necklace is endlessly adaptable and absolutely gorgeous. The best thing about this piece is that this design goes as well with formal looks as it does with casual outfits. To mix things up, you can always layer the bar necklace with other pendant necklaces of different lengths to create a statement ensemble.

Delicate Diamond Hoop Earrings

Prong-set diamond hoop earrings are the most uncomplicated way to spice up an everyday outfit. No over-the-top designs or layers – hoop earrings are classic and extraordinary. Geometric designs as such are always an instant “yes” when it comes to amazing minimalist jewelry.

Bezel Set Diamond Station Bracelet 

An elegant, cable-chained, diamond bracelet is always a good idea when it comes to having long-lasting everyday jewelry. Studded with sparkling bezel-set diamonds, this bracelet is all that minimalist-dreams are made of. This kind of accessory is ideal for regular use but also looks great on a special night out. The beauty of the diamond station bracelet is you can’t go wrong here!

Marquise Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are quite honestly magic. How can something be so tenuous and yet make such a big difference? The fancy marquise shape of these earrings and the flattering halo around the center stone is what makes this pair such a stunner. When caught in the perfect light, these dainty little earrings shine like a thousand stars!

Brilliant Round Diamond Pendant 

A brilliant diamond center stone and a diamond studded halo around it – is there anything more luxurious than this? A design like this is a magnificent addition to a glamorous outfit. The simple white gold cable chain flawlessly balances the undeniable sparkle of the pendant thus making it the most exemplary minimalist jewelry.

In a world of constantly changing styles and fashion, classic minimalist jewelry will never go out of style. We hope you found your inspiration for the perfect elegant addition to your collection!

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