Wednesday 4 September 2019

Engagement Ring 101: How Do You Choose Your Engagement Ring?

A sparkling round brilliant diamond in a classic six-prong setting or perhaps a dreamy oval halo on a rose gold bandsome women just know their dream ring, have a Pinterest board dedicated to it and all. But, if you're not one of them, that's okay, we're here to help. In this series of Engagement Ring 101, we'll cover everything from what diamond shape should you choose for your engagement ring to should you inscribe your ring with an inside joke? So, how do you choose your engagement ring? Let's get started.

No. 1: There are NO RULES!
Seriously! This is your ring⁠—get what you want. Do you love color? Maybe, a sparkling yellow diamond is more your thing than a traditional colorless diamond. Perhaps, you prefer a dazzling eternity band to an engagement ring. You do you. We seriously suggest trying on a few styles before deciding on your, the one.

Check some of our unconventional engagement rings here:

What to know more about yellow diamonds? Check this post.  

No. 2: Diamond Shape
Once you have decided on overall your engagement ring or diamond band style, it's time to look at diamond shapes. Every diamond shape performs differently and has its own unique beauty. Check our video tutorial on diamond shapes to know more. 

No. 3 Know your 4Cs. 
This is where you will (and should) spend the most time researching. But, once you know these fundamentals, you're very close to buying your dream engagement ring, we promise!

Start with the diamond cut because the way your diamond looks and performs depends on how well it is cut. And then go through our video tutorials on diamond color and diamond carat.

And then finally take a look at diamond clarity

In the next post, we'll cover engagement ring settings and then you're ready to choose your dream ring! 


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