Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Three Stone Engagement Rings For Triple The Chance Of A “Yes”!

You’re planning a proposal and you’ve got love and magic on your mind. Here’s the tricky part: The ring! Buying the perfect engagement ring takes thought and time; you need something that fits her style, is in your budget and is unique and meaningful. Well, fret not! Turns out, you may find your ever-lasting symbol for true love in threes! Three stone engagement rings have gained a lot of popularity over the years and we’re not surprised. Here’s all you need to know about the three stone engagement ring.

What does a three stone engagement ring mean? 
An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it symbolizes the love and commitment that a couple shares. The reason why these rings are so meaningful is because the three stones embody the past, present and future of a couple’s relationship. It’s as if the three stones are telling a story. So, what does a three stone engagement ring mean? It’s exactly what you want it to be. Your story full of ups and downs is what makes this ring unique.

Here are three chic three stone engagement rings that we are absolutely in love with:

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Accent Diamonds 

This magnificent ring has layers to it that makes it special. Adding to the classic prong set cathedral design is a sparkling gallery of pave accent diamonds. The accent stones in this ring are in perfect harmony with the three breathtaking diamonds.

Three Stone Half Moon Diamond Engagement Ring

The matched pair of half moon fancy cut diamonds in prong setting is the perfect addition to the gorgeous center diamond. The subtlety and grace of this engagement ring is remarkable!

Vintage Inspired Trellis Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The detailing on this three stone engagement ring is breathtaking. This vintage inspired ring has pave accents around the three stones held securely by sweeping, trellis-style prongs. This is what dreams are made of!

You have one question locked in. Here’s another that you have to ask yourself – what does a three stone engagement ring mean to you?

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Buying An Engagement Ring On A College Student Budget

You’re in college and you’ve found the love of your life – mixed feelings! With student loans looming over your head, the idea of committing to the expenses of a diamond ring can be scary. Here are 5 tips to help you buy an engagement ring on your college budget.

Get A Smaller Diamond
Getting a smaller diamond with a sparkling ring setting is the best way to go. Especially when you have the option to upgrade it later down the road! B2C Jewels has a lifetime upgrade policy.

Check For The College Student Discount
Many jewelry stores offer student discounts which make a big difference. Don’t forget to check out online stores as well!

Loose Diamonds
The price points of loose diamonds are more flexible compared to buying a traditional ring with a pre-set diamond. You can then take the diamond to a local jewelry store to have it set on a ring. Think about it!

Shop During A Sale
Online retailers tend to offer hefty discounts during Cyber Monday. With a little research about engagement ring prices during these sales, you might find your perfect ring!

Don’t Stick To The Rules
It will get so much easier if you don’t stress over the supposed-tos. Instead of going to a jewelry store, you could do your engagement ring shopping online. Another way to save - buy a diamond band. It could work both as an engagement ring and wedding band. Just focus on what works best for the both of you!

B2C Jewels has launched a series of engagement rings made for petite center diamonds. These engagement rings are designed to give you the most bling for your buck!

Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Engagement Ring With Pave Diamond Accents

The pave set diamonds on the band as well as on the halo create a lot of sparkle, making this ring a wonderful choice for setting a petite center diamond.

Round Diamond Center With Square Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring

This ring gives the illusion of a square center diamond with its square halo. The surrounding diamonds make the center diamond appear larger than it is.

Floral Halo Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring With Accents Diamonds

This engagement ring is lovely. The floral halo and diamonds on the band help to add a lot of brilliance.

Diamond Pave Matching Wedding Band In 14K White Gold (1/8 cttw.)

This diamond pave band can do double duty as an engagement ring and wedding band until you can buy an engagement ring.

Choose the perfect engagement ring on a budget with these tips.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

5 Unique Eternity Rings To Create The Perfect Moment

An eternity ring is the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas! There’s nothing better than a promise of togetherness and love to complete an occasion, but why stick to the usual, round diamonds for an eternity ring for such a special moment? Let us help you! Here are 5 creative and unique eternity rings that will make your partner swoon with love!

Princess Diamond Eternity Ring
This beauty is the perfect blend of simple and grand. This ring has nineteen to twenty-three prong-set princess diamonds, which look just heavenly on the yellow gold setting of the ring. A beautiful eternity ring with a tinge of magic!

Round, Princess and Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring 
A dream come true, this eternity ring is the perfect melange of round, princess and baguette diamonds! The pave and channel setting on this ring is what makes it look this flawless!

Pear Shaped Diamond Eternity Ring
If this is not the most magical ring, I don’t know what is. These pear shaped diamonds set on a whimsical angle is what makes this ring so exciting and breathtaking. This unique bling is a stunner!

Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Ring 
This eternity band is simplicity at its best. The fancy cushion cut diamonds in this ring are set in a secure prong setting with a stylish, open gallery. The vintage design and modern craftsmanship is the perfect combination in this perfect ring!

Fancy Emerald Cut Diamond with Round Diamond Halo Eternity Ring 
This eternity band of fancy emerald cut diamonds, surrounded by a halo of dazzling round diamonds is perfect if you love classy art deco jewelry. This elegant ring in 18K white gold is what dreams are made of!

No matter what occasion it is, an eternity ring is the perfect gesture to express your love and hope to be together forever. We hope your journey onward is as beautiful as your unique eternity band!

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Yellow Diamonds Are Your New Best Friend!

We’ve all come to know and love the traditional white diamonds found in most classic engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. But these are not the only types out there! Yellow diamonds have gained tremendous popularity because of their uniqueness and relatively affordable prices.

How are these diamonds yellow? The remarkable hue of the yellow diamond can be attributed to one element: nitrogen. When a diamond is forming, nitrogen atoms arrange in such a way that the blue light in the atmosphere is absorbed, thus producing a yellow color. The diamond’s yellow color results from the light that has not been absorbed. So fascinating!

How are yellow diamonds graded? The internationally recognized GIA color grading scale begins with the letter D (pure white) and ends at letter Z (tinted color). Yellow diamonds are graded “Fancy” when they fall outside the D-Z range. When a diamond is graded “Fancy”, it means that it must have more color than the Z master stone. The GIA Colored Diamond Grading System assigns yellow diamonds one of four color grades: Fancy Light, Fancy,  Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid.

B2C Jewels has a separate search for fancy color diamonds! Here are some of the exquisite yellow diamond engagement rings from our collection –

Fancy Pear-Shaped Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 
The magnificent yellow center stone of this ring is secured with claw prongs and accented by a halo of round diamonds. But, the best feature about this ring is that it has an elegant, yellow gold basket to enhance the intensity of the yellow center diamond.

Fancy Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 
The yellow center diamond is set in a yellow gold basket and surrounded by pave accent diamonds, and the effect  is stunning! The additional diamond accents below the center halo, makes this engagement ring even more divine.

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Engagement Ring with Split Shank 
This detailed ring has a diamond halo around the claw pronged center radiant cut yellow diamond. The ancillary gallery has lovely diamond petals so the ring sparkles from all angles.

Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Vintage Engagement Rin
The vintage, oval yellow diamond engagement ring features a halo of pave set round diamonds, pave accents and a subtle floral design. Breathtaking!

Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring: 
This thoughtfully crafted ring has a sparkling double halo surrounding the center stone, three rows of pave diamonds elegantly accenting the shank and a gallery of accent diamonds to amplify its beauty. It can’t get better than this!

We hope you’re as much in love as we are with these exquisite colored diamonds now!

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Monday, 6 November 2017

How To Plan A Magical Thanksgiving Proposal

Thanksgiving – a day of gratitude, love and joy ... also the day to propose to your special someone? Why not?! A happy occasion of delicious food and family is perfect to express your love and hope for togetherness. We are here to help you plan a beautiful proposal that will always exist in your cherished memories.

A Video-Memento 
There are just so many ways to do this one. You could make a compilation of all the videos and photos that you have together and pair it with a voice over or a favorite romantic song. Or you could ask family and friends to record short, loving messages. Play it after the dinner - when everyone is happy, full and content and she's not expecting it! When the video finishes and her eyes are glistening with happy-tears, you kneel down and ask her the question! This can only go right.

A Tree Lighting Ceremony!
Thanksgiving is the time when most towns light their town Christmas tree and it’s just the most romantic thing ever! You could make a date out this! Bring some wine, or even better – hot chocolate! And as the lights go on, look into her eyes and pop the question.

A Custom Ring in an Ordinary Moment
Another great way to propose is to do it when she’s not expecting it AT ALL. Maybe while you’re shopping for the thanksgiving dinner or are in the kitchen together in the afternoon; make the most of an insignificant moment! Hold her hand and look into her eyes. While she’s wondering what’s this about, kneel down and surprise her with a personalized ring that fills her heart with love, joy and memories. Get started on your design process here.

Go out!
Bundle up and go out because it's beautiful. You could pop the question while you’re out for a walk, or on a drive to look at houses with their lights up. At the end, kiss her passionately and ask her to marry you!

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Friday, 3 November 2017

8 Hacks To Make Black Friday & Cyber Monday Online Shopping A Breeze!

Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is an art. You need to compare prices, be quick and protect yourself from scams all the while! To get the best deals and make the most of these sales, you need proper preparation and a plan. Fret not! Here are 8 hacks to help you snag the best deals on the hottest products this year!

1. Make A List 
You need to make a list of all the websites that you want to visit, as well as the products that you’re planning to buy from them. Bookmark sites beforehand and set reminders for limited products that will be out of stock in no time. By making a list, you will have things in order which will save you a lot of time and hassle.

2. Sign Up For Store Newsletters
It’s important that you sign to your shortlisted retailer store’s e-newsletter a week or two before the sale starts. This way you will be aware of all the deals and promotions, and also could score special subscriber-only coupons. To be even more prepared, follow your favorite brands on their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to keep updated about any flash sale that might happen.

3. Buy Discounted Gift Cards
Another great way to save money is to buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands. There are many websites where you could find discount coupons. You can easily save up to 20 percent on your purchases by buying these discounted gift cards.

4. Double-Check The Shipping Cost!
Many online stores do offer free shipping on Cyber Monday but not all of them do. Particularly while purchasing heavy items like electronics and furniture, always double-check the shipping price. Sometimes it so happens that the fancy couch you are about to buy, costs more to ship than it does to pick up in-store. Check to see if you can buy heavy items online, and then pick them up at the store. B2C Jewels offers free shipping, even on returns, within the United States.

5. Create Different Usernames And Passwords 
People shopping during these sales are at high risk of identity theft and hacking. Take extra precaution while making accounts on websites, by creating unique usernames and complex passwords. To keep track of your passwords, note them in a password manager application on your phone.

6. Always Compare Prices
Yes, you’re in a hurry to get the best deals but do not place an order before comparing prices! There are several websites and apps that you can use to make the price comparison easier, accurate and fair. B2C Jewels offers price match guarantee on certified diamonds.

7. Pre-Load Your Shopping Cart
There are sites that allow you to pre-load your shopping cart the day before the sale begins. This will save you a lot of time and make your checkout a heck lot faster!

8. Check Your Internet Speed
If your Internet reliability is questionable on days of heavy internet traffic like Cyber Monday, you need to address the problem and fix it!

B2C Jewels has amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming up. Be sure to check them out!

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Engagement Ring Myths Debunked to Make Your Life Easier

Buying an engagement ring is not easy BUT, there’s good news! The process of choosing, falling in love with and buying an engagement ring can be less complicated than you imagine it to be! Let us help you cut out the misconceived notions and limit your limitations. Here are 6 myths about engagement rings that you could really do without.

Never, EVER Shop With Your Partner
We all know of the tradition – Man shops for the ring, surprises the lady; she jumps up in his arms and they live happily ever after! Now, let’s get back to 2017 shall we? There are major advantages that come with shopping for the ring with your significant other, rather than you blindly choose one and hope for the best. It will almost completely cut out the stress, you could discuss the budget beforehand and she’ll have exactly the ring she wanted!

Save up a Fortune
Even though it’s true that diamonds are an investment, it’s a myth that you need to save up “three months’ salary”. Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and prices! There are more practical ways to go about this. You could set a budget and explore your options, save a little every month for a while or you and your partner could mutually decide to get a “starter” ring, and upgrade it later down the line. Sometimes it’s good to let traditions take a backseat. B2C Jewels has a lifetime upgrade policy.

High-price Jewelry Stores Are Better
Expensive chain jewelry stores may be the first thing you think about when you think engagement rings, but they don’t necessarily have the best pieces of jewelry in the world. These expensive boutiques have extremely high mark-ups, which is what makes their engagement rings expensive. You may not be getting a "better quality diamond" by shopping at these jewelers. The truth is that, if you’re looking for a good collection of reasonably priced rings, you may find your perfect ring at a regular jewelry store or even online! Keep an open mind about it. B2C Jewels has a 30-Day no-questions-asked return policy for a stress-free ring shopping experience.

Custom Rings Are Way More Expensive
Breaking news: Custom rings are NOT more expensive! You can design your custom engagement ring according to your budget. In fact it’s so much more fun! You can add meaningful, personal elements to the ring and also have more input and control over the design. Let your mind run wild! Learn how the B2C Jewels customization process works here.

Buying an engagement ring should be a beautiful experience. We hope we could help you with these debunked myths!

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

5 Offbeat Engagement Rings for the Anything-but-traditional Bride

The holidays are coming and you’re planning a one-of-a-kind proposal – we’ve got you covered! Looking for something offbeat? The possibilities are endless. Here are five offbeat engagement rings, for the anything-but-traditional bride.

Spinning Collar Engagement Ring
This piece is surely a fresh new approach to engagement rings! Hidden under the beautiful center diamond is a spinning, diamond-covered collar which is a playful addition to an otherwise traditional ring. This playful but stylish design definitely has our hearts!

Heart-shaped Prongs Engagement Ring 
If the love of your life loves everything vintage, she will absolutely adore this timeless ring! The filigree details in white gold and milgrain borders studded with diamonds give you the perfect melange of old and new. But, the best part is the prongs! They are shaped like hearts. The antique design and playful vibe spells out romance!

Floral Halo Engagement Rings 
This magnificent ring is an absolute favourite of ours! The charming, floral design unfurling around the centre diamond makes the ring, the sweetest detail on an endearing bride. We love how simplistic yet distinctive this piece is!

Sapphire Accent Stones Engagement Ring
Relationships are all unique; why can’t your engagement ring be? Think about adding color to your ring! This breathtaking piece of jewellery has a band studded with round diamonds and blue sapphires! Gasp! This could be the perfect “something blue” at the wedding.

Pear-shaped Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring 
If you’re looking for a rather minimal yet eye-catching engagement ring, this three stoned ring is the perfect choice! This ring is accented with two pear-shaped blue sapphires on either side of the centre diamond, and has a tapered shank. Your warm words paired with this magical design guarantees a memorable proposal!

These distinct rings are perfect for a unique and special proposal for an equally exceptional bride. We hope the journey onwards is magical! We wish you all the best!

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Diamond Clarity

This post is about diamond clarity. It is part 3, of our diamond education series. Also check our posts on diamond cut and diamond color.

What Is Diamond Clarity? 
Diamonds are formed under intense pressure so they have some natural flaws called inclusions. The amount of inclusions present defines the clarity of a diamond. There are different types of inclusions such as crystals, clouds, feathers, etc. The location of the inclusions, the amount and the type of inclusion plays an important role in the diamond's ability to sparkle.

How Clarity Is Graded?

Gemological labs like the GIA and AGS assign clarity grades based on the number and size of inclusions a diamond has. Let's look at the GIA clarity grade scale. It starts with FL and goes down to I. FL being flawless diamonds without any inclusions. Diamonds start to show more and more inclusions as the scale moves towards I. IF stands for internally flawless. VVS stands for very very slightly included, VS stands for very slightly included, SI is for slightly included while I stands for included. Diamonds are inspected at 10X magnification to determine their clarity grade.

How Do Grades Affect Prices?
Now, obviously, FL and IF diamonds are the most expensive diamonds. But, they are not the only clarity grades you should consider while choosing a diamond. To choose a beautiful diamond that also fits your budget, you have to understand the grading process.

Diamonds are assigned grades by experienced gemologists examining these diamonds under 10 times magnification. To the untrained naked eye, it's actually quite difficult to tell one grade apart from another. So, without magnification an FL diamond may look the same as VVS2 but the price difference between these two is thousands of dollars. Diamonds in the VS or even SI grades are great options to get a beautiful diamond on a budget.

Choose the best diamonds within your budget with these ideas.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wedding Season Hacks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

Whether you're getting married or attending a wedding, the wedding season has started in full swing! We have tips and tricks for everyone so let's get started.

For the Bride
1. Smile!
This is your wedding day - chances are you'll be smiling a lot and many of those moments will be caught on camera. So, don't forget to include brightening your teeth in your beauty routine leading up to the days of the wedding. Many brides remember skin care and hair care but forget about their smile. You can buy teeth whitening kits from your local pharmacy or the good old home remedy of baking soda really works too. All you have to do is dip your damp toothbrush in baking soda, before adding on the toothpaste.

2. Day-of Coordinators
Wedding planners are not for everyone. If you have decided not to get one due to personal or financial reasons, consider having a coordinator for the day. Unlike the full planning, day-of coordinators look into the behind-the-scene details only on the wedding day. Usually, you'll meet with your coordinator anywhere between two weeks to a month before the wedding to go over the details.

For the Groom
1. Make your perfume last
Spring and summer weddings are a lot of fun but what is not fun is sweat, especially if you're the groom. You may not have time to refresh your perfume through the day but you can make it last. And, the thing you need for this hack - you probably have it already. A little bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly goes a long way in making your perfume last. Dab a bit on your pulse points and the spray on your perfume. The layer of Vaseline keeps your perfume on longer so you smell fresh through the day

2. Food Trucks
Getting the food right is a big part of planning a successful summer wedding. Instead of a traditional catered affair, you could consider food trucks. Having food trucks means having plenty of options on the menu and it will also help to keep the costs down. Besides, guests will always remember what a cool idea it was. For a summer wedding, a ice cream food truck is sure to be a hit.

For the Guests
1. Red Wine Spill
Accidents happen. But a red wine stain should not ruin your favorite summer dress or shirt. Treat the stain right away by sprinkling a generous amount of salt on it. The salt absorbs the wine so you can have the stain treated later. For a destination wedding, where you can't get to a drycleaner right away, pack a small stain remover.

2. Free Makeup
Summer weddings can be hard on makeup or maybe makeup isn't your thing. Beauty stores and local beauty schools offer free makeup trial. Find out if you need to signup beforehand and arrive at the wedding looking absolutely gorgeous with zero effort.

Have fun at summer weddings with these easy-to-do tips.  
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